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How We Deliver

PIS software development process



When software is important to your business, you cannot trust to chance. Reliability is everything and proven processes with right methodology are key to success.

At Perennial, we follow our custom development process which gives our teams a proven way to deliver IT projects within agreed metrics. Both business and technical.


Iterative & Incremental

Adapt to change and stay on the track at the same time.

  • Flexibility

  • Risk reduction

  • Higher quality



To make technology your competitive advantage.

  • Project planning & control

    Scope, milestones, priorities, estimation, reporting

  • Standards & processes

    Code Coverage, Quality Gates, Git Flow, DoR, DoD

  • Testing Levels

    Unit, integration, system and end-to-end testing

  • CI/CD

    Executed with Bitbucket Pipelines or Jenkins

  • Code reviews

    Always done by at least two other team members

  • Automated tests

    For the most important parts of business logic

  • Code quality

    SOLID, Code Style, Version Control

  • Cloud solutions

    Scalable servers set up on AWS and GCP

We think of it like this:

If you're a software company, development efficiency is crucial for you. Sometimes you need to make things happen really fast. At the same time, scaling up without sacrificing quality is a challenge.

We get it. And we have it covered. With Perennial Approach, you can easily scale up the team, development velocity and the software itself.





Perennial Approach works perfectly when it comes to remote collaboration.

No matter what, you can't create an amazing software product without close cooperation between the Product Owner and the development team.

That means you can expect full transparency in the project. As a Product Owner, you are always updated about the status of the development and have full control over the product.

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