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The Best Hospital Management Software Solution

Enhancing home care delivery through automated work process , leading to greater efficiency.

Hospital Management System

At Perennial, we understand the sensitivity of healthcare operations and that's why we have developed a Hospital Management Software that caters to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. We are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals manage their daily operations more efficiently and provide the best possible care to the ones in need.

Patient Management

A module designed to manage patient data more effectively by accessing patient data from a centralised database, tracking medical history, scheduling appointments, and generating custom reports.

Inventory Management

Hospitals can optimise their inventory levels and reduce waste by tracking supplies and equipment, setting up automatic reorder points, and monitoring usage trends with reports.

Billing and Payment

The software ensures hospitals are paid in a timely and accurate manner by simplifying the billing process via generating invoices, tracking payments, managing patient balances, and preparing detailed reports.


Perennial Products.

Reporting and Analytics

Making data-driven decisions with accuracy is easier with our software. Generate custom reports providing insights into patient demographics, appointment scheduling, financial performance, and much more!

Security and Compliance

Our system is designed with security and compliance in mind. We use state-of-the-art encryption and data protection technologies to ensure that patient information is secure and confidential.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Streamline the management of clinical trials by managing the various aspects of clinical trials, including protocol management, patient enrollment, study monitoring, and data analysis.

Benefits of CTMS

Clinical trial sponsors and research organisations can efficiently manage study data, track study progress, and monitor study budgets.

CTMS enables strong collaboration between different stakeholders involved in a clinical trial.

Make informed decisions, reduce study delays and errors, and improve study outcomes.

Client Reviews

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" Perennial acquires a great knowledge in the area of HMS & Web Development."

- Dr.Singaravelu RK Hospital Thanjavur

" I decided to give Perennial Innovative Solutions a try. I am happy to say I was not disappointed!. "

-Dr.Prasanna Mount Hospital

" I have not hesitated to recommend Perennial Innovative Solutions to my friends and business associates. "

-Dr.Antony PS Clinic

" Given all that, We wholeheartedly recommends this company to all its partners and friends. "

- Rithick Kalam Hospitals

"o me, creating and building a CTMS can be so stressful, but with Perennial, it never was. It was fun. "

- Varma MKS clinical centre

" My HMS turned out, just as I dreamed. Its awesome, beautiful and smart.Great job by Perennial. "

- Arjun Revathi Hospital