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Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management Software Development - Features & Functionalities

Are you planning to set up a new pharmacy? Or in case you intend to revamp the present one? Well, going by the fact that technology is blooming and the medical sector is a crucial sector in a community, the development of this sector is quite crucial, isn't it?

Hence, investing in pharmacy management software is always a good idea. In fact, nowadays these systems have become an essential part of any of the pharmacies that are keen to stay competitive and believe in delivering better care to the consumers via an automated and efficient process. Pharmacies are able to customize & streamline the work-flow with Pharmacy management software that comes packed with myriad features and functionalities to boost efficiency, safety as well as profitability

By implementing this system, you can benefit in a number of ways, as it also makes management extremely easy, by addressing shortages (if any), streamlining work, smoothly running the pharmacy, fetching prompt & correct reports whenever required, helps in Centralized data storage with security and the most important one, Customer satisfaction. Here we present the common modules which are included in thepharmacy management software development:

Customizable Software & generates Reports: The software is easily customizable and is also capable of generating various reports.

Medicine Purchase Request & Order: It is to manage the purchase requests and order requests received for the medicines.

Drug issue to Patients & Billing: This is to maintain the record of drugs issued to patients and also the billing that took place during the day/month/year.

Physical stock verification & adjustment: This module is responsible to verify the physical stock and the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) can take place.

Supplier & Manufacturer Information: It is again vital as this keeps a record of the supplier/manufacturer information from whom you buy the medicines/who is responsible for the manufacturing of those medicines

Maintenance of Medicine Stock: Future decisions can easily be taken on the basis of this, by maintaining the medicine stock as this way you know when the stock needs to be updated.

Destruction of Expired Items: It is again vital to have the information of expired items that need to be destructed so that the process can be held timely.

Features of Pharmacy Management System

In the case of Pharmacy Management Software, the developing company desires for it to be complex and robust. Like, it should be able to track inventory, generate several reports, manage workflow, manage complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of comprehensive dispensing data and a lot more. It involves dozens of essentials features so, let's explore them here.

User-Friendly input & recall of Patient, Drug & Prescription information: This system is quite user-friendly and it has the ability to keep a record of patient, drug & prescription information, which is certainly come useful for future purchases or other purposes.

HIPAA and regulatory compliance: It goes without saying that the system must be aligned with legal requirements in the field hence it must comply with HIPAA & regulatory compliance (consisting of FDA required MedGuides& DEA Reporting.

Full prescription management: As integrated with ePrescription, The system offers to manage the full prescription given by the doctors.

Automated claims processing: Of course, the system requires automated claim processing systems and it keeps an entire record of the claim submissions including adjudication (V5.1, etc.)

Accuracy & Safety: As it is the question of many lives, hence the system offers the fail-safe features for accuracy & safety, hence leaving no scope for errors.

Complete & accurate drug interaction & other databases: The system is able to detect Drug-Drug Interactions and this way it reduces the chances of ADEs, preserves patients' safety, and prevents related medical and legal problems.

A/R management: Account Receivables Management is crucial in the arena of healthcare to ensure smooth & successful functioning and that the owed amount is refunded back in the shortest time possible. It looks after denied claims and reopens them to receive maximum reimbursement