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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System are an enormous undertaking. They can involve thousands of people, hundreds of investigative sites, multiple CROs and various eClinical source systems — all generating massive amounts of data. In order to efficiently manage trials, organizations participating in Hospital Management System often utilize Hospital Management System Systems (HMS) to consolidate all of their operational data.

Perennial HMS is a powerful end-to-end Hospital Management System management solution that brings control, efficiency and quality data to every study. This web-based HMS works on the go, letting you view and manage real-time operational performance — wherever and whenever

See how Perennial HMS transforms a disjointed clinical trial into an efficient and cohesive work environment with Microsoft – the most widely used office productivity tools in the world. Bi-directional information exchange from Perennial HMS to SharePoint and other Microsoft products is seamless, making for a powerful, high-performance solution.


Leverage Microsoft Assets

Perennial HMS is Microsoft Office-Smart. It allows you to leverage the Microsoft Office suite (SharePoint, Outlook, Excel, Word, Access and Project) to access, update and report on study data, as well as track and manage study activities securely and compliantly.

Perennial makes it easy to connect to clinical trial data through Outlook, export to Excel and collaborate in a secure way using direct connection to SharePoint. Bi-directional information exchange between Perennial and SharePoint and other Microsoft products is seamless, making for a powerful, high-performance solution. Document updates done in SharePoint are automatically reflected so that your trial data is accurate, current and in sync. And since most HMS interaction is through familiar Microsoft applications, users work in a familiar interface, so the training is minimal, and the user adoption is high.

Rapid Start Up

Our streamlined configuration process and standardized reporting package let companies get started with HMS in as little as two weeks rather than the weeks or months of a traditional enterprise HMS implementation.

Perennial HMS provides a variable cost subscription model that eliminates the capital investment required in the purchase of a perpetual license and allows our customers to pay only for what they use. With this low-risk implementation, a HMS is no longer out of reach for smaller organizations or study-specific uses.