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IVR System


About IVR

IVR system is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. Perennial’s Personalized IVR system greets you by your name which creates a great impression on your callers. and The IVR predicts why your customers are calling based on their interaction history. Intelligently directs you to the right menu option. No need to navigate a complicated menu and waste your time.

IVR For Business

Personalized Experience for your Customers

Convert your emails into tickets and keep them all organized in one place. Never leave customers' questions unanswered.

  • IVR System available 24*7
  • Call recording, real time reports and analytics
  • Time-based call routing
  • Easy CRM integration
  • VIP IVR number
  • Sticky agent
  • Blacklisting
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