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Cloud Call Center


Cloud call center setup for your business

Take your customer communication one notch up with advanced calling features

Features of cloud call center

Understand in detail the basic features and benefits of a cloud call center.

Discover more about cloud call center solution

Ease your customer call handling

Callers can connect with their concerned agent/department directly basis their input in the IVR menu. With features like automatic call routing, live call transfer, extensions and more, reduce the manual effort and time of your team to handle your business calls. Also, your team can ensure timely follow-ups basis the reports of their missed calls with cloud call center solution.

Monitor your team performance effectively

With advanced call reports of your agents, keep a constant tab on your team’s performance on calls. Hear their recorded conversations and utilise it to suggest key improvements and exemplify the same while training new employees. Check your daily customer activities in real-time on a full-fledged live panel with cloud call center solution.