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Who We Are

Perennial innovative solutions Best Innovative Software Providers ,provides the complete software solutions for next generation in the state of software company which does both services and product, and provides software services in various fields which involves medical services like HMS and CTMS , networking solutions , telephony etc.

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our Latest Products

Software Development

Perennial is the leading provider of IT consulting and custom software development solutions. We deliver years of domain expertise and quality that plays a major role in driving our potential customers.
We love creating websites and software (be it web based, mobile based or desktop based) that works for you, the way you want. We specialize in web design & development and custom software development.

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Perennial solutions are engineered by doctors for doctors. We simplify the complexities of healthcare management, so caregivers like you can focus on what’s really important—caring for patients and extending your service reach.
Perennial CTMS is a powerful end-to-end clinical trials management solution that brings control, efficiency, and quality data to every study.

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Cloud Telephony

No waiting, no delays. Get started in less than 30 minutes. All the features you’ll need including multi-level IVR, call recording, call routing, call analytics, etc. No infrastructure needed. Easy to use visual drag-drop builder to create call flows.
Make it easy for your agents to make sales calls to prospective customers. Automated dialers, integrations with CRMs, etc. make it a productive experience for your sales teams.

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What We Do

integrated software solutions in chennai

Affordable Services

We deliver better, faster and cheaper technology solutions and services. Using the best practices, We simply complete tasks far more efficiently.

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web design and development in banglore

Better Features

We have assembled a huge collection of best features. which can help you to develop your business with the best services.

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custom ERP solution in chennai

Support That Pleases

Already our customers are hugely satisfied with customer support and services, we convey - you will be impressed, too!

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Affordable Services
Better Features
Support That Pleases

our clients say


"They have been phenomenal group to work with , great guys and girls. I highly recommend them for all your web software and application projects. I have already referred them for new projects."


"Perennial is just awesome. I always look forward to the new versions and in this one they have hit it out of the park. There are so many features to choose from, you can actually get up and running in no time. Keep up the good work guys!!"


"Guys, I have been perennial's client for the past 2 years, perennial has developed websites and for my clients. I appreciate your Theme every aspect of it. I find it very much an online type of business-oriented, its good for personal branding, Cheers..!"

Dr.Sasitha Vidyarani

"Hey guys I am so super excited that Perennial will be launching new feature!!! The chat bot was amazing and now I am so excited that the team will be launching a feature which is even better than before. This means that your website designs can look top of the range, classy and up to date."

Ganesh chandramoorthi

"I have been a customer of Perennial for a couple years and used it on numerous websites. I love it because it is so easy to work with, has a pre-designed websites for every common business and they provide great, fast support. I highly recommend it!"


"I have built 6 websites for customers. Because Perennial are so user friendly, and the support is top notch with very fast response to any issues that come up. I have used a lot of other Web builders over the years, and Moto support team is the best."


"The very first day I knew Perennial was from the quality product developed and launched. I love promoting Perennial's products simply because you are guaranteed that anything Perennial gets out is TOP quality. Perennial is one of those marketers that just get things "right" conversions !

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